• What is SOTA?

    SOTA is not another run of the mill NFT launch; it is a digital art gallery that provides global outreach to the brightest and most talented artists’ and their work. We brought together hundreds of talented artists to create unique skateboarding deck designs, each representing the artist’s individual style and message. In this spirit of global community, we will be able to launch 11,000 unique skateboard NFT art pieces. This collection will be split into 2 parts. A Genesis collection of 1000 to be launched first and a secondary collection of 10k launched at a later time.

  • Are your NFTs 1 of 1?

    At SOTA, we place high value on uniqueness. We know how meaningful it is to have something special of our very own, which is why our NFTs are ALWAYS 1 of 1. Additionally, and just as importantly, we value diversity, which is why our offer includes works of art designed by artists from all walks of life who, in limited releases for this project only, made an exception to their usual canvases and used a skateboarding deck instead.

  • How many artists we are talking about?

    Our network of artist partnerships continues to grow. As of now we have 500+ Artists that have joined and partnered with SOTA. As far as we know, we have the largest collection of artists come together to release a single NFT collection.

  • What styles do they represents?

    The artists we work with represent a variety of styles. Which is why you will find a diverse range of artwork on our boards! Do you like dark climates? We have it. Prefer a fairy-tale view of the world? Got you covered. Want futuristic works in your portfolio? Of course you do! SOTA was created with uniqueness and variety in mind, which means we have something for everybody.

  • Will there be some sort of sale and how will it work?

    Yes, there is a sale, and we have two! A genesis collection for our earliest supporters. And a secondary collection to be revealed later. We will have a presale selection for all candidates who will get the opportunity to mint a genesis SOTA.

  • Will it be possible to purchase a physical skateboard deck?

    Each NFT holder is eligible to purchase, for an additional fee, a physical skateboard deck with his / her art on it in a set with decorative packaging and a wall mounting system. Shipment not included. Note, however, that the NFT released in SOTA Genesis Art Drop can only be physically produced once. At SOTA Universum Art Drop, the limit will be increased to five physical skateboard decks.

  • Can I use it as a skateboard?

    Each board has the classic 8’ size and track mounting holes. If one day you wantto admire your artwork on the wall, and the next day you want to do a kickflip – go ahead!
    Just remember that boards tend to break when driving hard 😉

  • When will be launch of the project?

    The sale of our NFTs will take place soon on GameStopNFT marketplace

  • Is there a Discord?

    Yes, you can join our server in the following address https://discord.com/invite/bysota

  • Will there be an allow list?

    Yes, 100 people will be able to buy NFT pre-sale as part of the “Claim Your Deck” campaign. The lucky ones will receive a physical skateboard deck included in the price!

  • What will be maximum purchase per wallet?

    In the presale, one person will be able to purchase one NFT. In open sale, the number of NFTs purchased is unlimited.

  • Will there be a reveal or raffle mechanism?

    In the presale, 100 NFT will be selected randomly for buyers. The remaining NFTs will be visible at the launch of the GameStop platform.

  • Why you decided to partner with GameStop?

    The heart of SOTA are our artists without whom this project would not be possible. Their complete satisfaction is important to us. GameStop shares similar values – “Power to the Creators” is a slogan that means a lot to us

  • How can I transfer funds to L2?
  • How do I install GameStop wallet?

    Check following link https://wallet.gamestop.com

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