Happy Hour


SOTA’s “Happy Hour” Promotion

Terms and Conditions


  1. These terms and conditions, hereinafter referred to as “T&C“, define the terms and
    conditions under which the Promotion is held, including inter alia the rules of
    supervision of its progress and the course of the complaints procedure.
  2. The organizer of the “Happy Hour” Promotion – hereinafter referred to as the
    Promotion” – is SOTA Limited Liability Company, Srebrna 16 /204 Street, 00-810,
    Warsaw, Poland, registered in the Register of Business Entities kept by the District
    Court for the City of Warsaw in Warsaw, XIII Commercial Department of the National
    Court Register under the KRS number 0000864789, NIP no.: 5272939018, REGON
    no.: 387323186, with a share capital of PLN 5,000.00, hereinafter referred to as the
  3. Any participant in the Promotion, hereinafter referred to as “Participant“:
    1) must be a natural person who is at least eighteen years of age (or who has written
    permission of their parent or legal guardian to enter this Promotion in accordance
    with relevant laws) with full legal capacity,
    2) has familiarized themselves with and accepted the T&C,
    3) has purchased Organizer’s NFT from Genesis Collection and has Ethereum wallet –
    an application that allows users to register a unique identifier, to use such unique
    identifier to access and to interact with the blockchain, and (subject to any
    technological restraint), to manage information (including any form of cryptographic
    asset) that is attributable to that unique identifier (including, for example,
    transferring any information) (hereinafter: “ETH wallet”) containing the above-
    mentioned NFT, and
    4) Bought SOTA NFT from Genesis Collection during special promotions on the
    SOTA’s Discord channel – Happy Hour (applies to Happy Hour V1, Happy Hour
    V2, Happy Hour V3). The time of subsequent editions of Happy Hour:
    1. Happy Hour V1 – 12.07.2022 3.20 PM to 4.20 PM EDT
    2. Happy Hour V2 – 14.07.2022 3.00 PM to 9.00 PM EST
    3. Happy Hour V3 – 19.07.2022 3.20 PM to 4.20 PM EST
  4. Persons authorized to collect the Prize will be determined based on Loopring and the
    time of booking the transaction
  5. The Promotion will be implemented from 03.10.2022 to 04.12.2022 (“Contest Period”).
  6. The Promotion is not limited to any geographical area


  1. The Participant is obliged to declare their familiarity with the content of the Terms and
    Conditions and their acceptance of them (e.g. “I declare that I have familiarized myself
    with the content of the T&C and I accept them.“).
  2. The Participant purchased SOTA NFT from the Genesis Collection during the Happy
    Hour promotion period (applies to Happy Hour V1, Happy Hour V2, Happy Hour V3).


  1. The Organizer provides prizes in the form of physical skateboards with graphics from
    the Genesis NFT Collection (the “Prize“), each with a gross value of $299. The physical
    skateboards are produced for the special needs of the Happy Hour promotion and are one
    and only copy of NFT. Each skateboard is created individually, so skateboards may
    differ from each other in the quality of graphics, cuts, colors and other details
    independent of Organizer. Participants are required to pay the delivery costs of the
    Prize (i.e. travel costs, customs and other costs/charges or any public levies e.g.that may
    be required, depending of the Prize’s destination; hereinafter: “Delivery Costs”). The
    Participant accepts covering all Delivery Costs of the Prize. As the Delivery Costs
    depend on the delivery location and delivery method chosen by the Participant, the
    method and the term of payment for Delivery Costs will be agreed individually with the
    Participant (in particular, the Participant may be required to pay Delivery Costs in
    advance). Delivery costs will be charged in ETH (Ethereum) currency. ETH transfer to
    the wallet address indicated by the Organizer
  2. The right to the Prize cannot be transferred to third parties and there is no possibility to
    receive the cash equivalent of the Prize in money.
  3. For the avoidance of doubt, a person who does not have Organizer’s NFT from Genesis
    Collection in his wallet in the Promotion Period cannot get a Prize.


  1. Persons who are eligible for a Prizes are those who purchased SOTA NFT from the
    Genesis Collection during the Happy Hour promotion period (applies to Happy Hour
    V1, Happy Hour V2, Happy Hour V3). The Happy Hour promotion rules were
    announced on the SOTA Discord channel. Individuals who are eligible to claim the
    Prizes have been announced on the SOTA Discord Channel.
  2. Participants are obliged to provide the Organizer with the data enabling the issuance of
    the Prize: (i) name, last name, age, phone number, address; (ii) information to
    authenticate possession of the Organizer’s Genesis NFT in the ETH wallet. This
    information must be provided by e-mail: team@bysota.com.
  3. Prizes will be sent to the address provided by the Participants, via the form of shipment
    chosen by them (from the forms proposed by the Organizer) – within 30 days from the
    date on which the deadline for sending the above data expires (costs and delivery time
    may vary depending on form of delivery chosen by each Participants) and only after the
    Participants has paid the Delivery Costs, which are necessary to ship the Prize. Other
    Delivery Costs such as customs and other costs/charges or public levies may not be paid
    until they are due.


  1. The personal data of the Participants shall be protected in accordance with Regulation
    (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of April 27, 2016 on theprotection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the
    free movement of such data and repealing Directive 95/46/EC (hereinafter “GDPR“).
  2. The administrator of personal data is the Organizer, who can be contacted by post to the
    address indicated in § 1 point 2. of the T&C or by e-mail to team@bysota.com.
  3. The Participants’ personal data will be processed exclusively for the purpose of carrying
    out the Happy Hour, delivering the Prizes on the basis of the Administrator’s legitimate
    interest (Article 6(1)(f) GDPR.
  4. Participants’ data will be processed for no longer than necessary to realize the legitimate
    interest of the Administrator.
  5. The Participant, under the terms of the GDPR, has the right to access the content of their
    data and to correct it, to restrict its processing to demand its deletion. To the extent that
    the data is processed on the basis of the legitimate interest of the Administrator, the
    Participant may object on the basis of his/her legitimate situation.
  6. The Participant has the right to file a complaint with the President of the Office for
    Personal Data Protection regarding the processing of their personal data. The Contest
    Organizer may transfer the data of selected Participants to entities involved in the
    delivery of Prizes awarded.
  7. Participants’ data will not be used to make automated decisions or subjected to profiling.
  8. Providing personal data is voluntary, but necessary to participate in the Contest and
    receive the Prize.


  1. Independently and without affecting the Organizer’s liability to the consumer, as
    provided by generally applicable law, and the consumer’s rights to make and pursue
    claims, all complaints regarding the Happy Hour may be submitted to the Organizer.
  2. Complaints will be considered by a complaints committee, appointed by the Organizer.
  3. The complaint may be submitted via email to team@bysota.com with the annotation
    “Complaint – Happy Hour”.
  4. The complainant should make their data visible in the content of the complaint, to allow
    contacting with regard to the outcome of such complaint procedure.
  5. The Organizer will respond to the complaint within 21 days counted from the day of its


  1. The T&C are available at: www.bysota.com/hh
  2. The Organizer declares that the Happy Hour is not a game of chance, a fantasy lottery, a
    pari-mutuel bet, a promotional lottery, the outcome of which depends on chance, or any
    other form of game provided for in the Act of November 19, 2009 on gambling. (i.e.
    Journal of Laws 2022 item 888).
  3. The provisions of these T&C shall be governed by the laws of Poland. In matters not
    regulated by the T&C, the provisions of the Civil Code and the Law on Copyright and
    Related Rights shall apply in particular.
  4. The Organizer reserves the right to make changes to these T&C, in particular, the
    Organizer may extend the Contest Period. The Organizer will inform the Participantsabout the introduced changes 5 days in advance, on its website and in other places where
    the T&C are made available. The changes will not affect the rights acquired by the
    Participants related to the actions performed by the Participants described in the T&C,
    which took place before the change of the Terms and Conditions became effective.
  5. Any disputes arising from the performance of obligations related to this Contest shall be
    resolved by the competent common court.

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